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Today I'll speaking to you about the Space...

One of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson’s quibbles with Interstellar is that the faraway planets that the movie’s astronauts explore in search of a safe haven for humanity seem a lot more dangerous than our very own next-door neighbor—Mars.

Tyson, then, is likely among the millions of people who have now seen the sci-fi short film sweeping the internet which imagines what the future of space colonization might look like.

It includes, among other destinations in our solar system, a visit to the Red Planet.

“Wanderers,” created by the animator Erik Wernquist with a rousing voiceover by Carl Sagan, features real, potentially habitable locations in our solar system, with humans added to the landscape, often looking tiny and vulnerable.

So we don't know what can prepare our future but we can imagine how it ll be great and wonderful !

And you ? What do you think about that ?

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